Nasiol is the number one protective coating brand for home surfaces, automobiles and personal goods. Based out of Istanbul, Turkey, the company was founded in 2008. Since then Nasiol has always moved forward and has been delivering high class nano-coating products in more than 100 countries with around 30 distributors globally. Our products are super effective in protecting a lot of surfaces like glass, ceramic, metal, wood etc. The great benefits in which Nasiol outclasses other nano-coating brands are stain repellency, scratch resistance and water-proofing. We love and protect the original.

The products of Nasiol are based on ‘Smart Silis Tech’ which consumes the raw materials efficiently while increasing the performance at the same time. This technology also has benefits like easy cleaning, hydrophobicity and protection on all kinds of surfaces.

Our services and expertise are famous all across the world especially in European countries. We are consistently and continuously developing nano technology for industrial and home purposes. We have set exceptional standards not only in the quality of our coatings but also in the business practices for our partners worldwide.

Values and expertise

Nasiol is the trusted name in nano-coating. Nasiol private and industrial labels can take you on our commercial services and products tour, while our e-shop reflects our expertise in nanotechnology protection: water repellant coating for everything from your boat, car and furniture to your favorite shoes and running kit.

At Nasiol we just love technology, the future and the amazing inventions that can be applied to our daily lives.

In every phase of life, development is very important. More than businessmen, we are scientists always striving for excellence. We believe in the highest quality products that people can get from science and talent, but not at the expense of environment we live in.

Technology should always move forward but with great care and concern. It should be realistic, grounded in the present, practical, humble and optimistic. It is called riskless technology. Other industries make progress but at the cost of nature but nanotechnology delivers great results by engineering small parts.

Dynamism, inspiration, innovation, perfection, creativity, passion, uniqueness and eco-friendliness are our values. These are enclosed in love of childhood, faith and respect.


  • August 2008 Research begun on commercial sector in nanotechnology.
  • October 2011 Decision of utilization of expertise for the manufacture of hydrophobic nano coatings under Nasiol brand.
  • Jan 2012 The range for retail products announced for customers, like protective nano coatings that are easy to use.
  • May 2012 Nasiol C, the first ever water repellant coating launched for ceramic and glass surfaces.
  • October 2012 Nasiol T, a nano coating for textiles gets shaped after one year of testing.
  • May 2013 Nasiol ZR53, world’s first one component and two layer nano ceramic coating and MF2, quick nano protection launched.
  • September 2013 First export is delivered to Caribbean.
  • December 2013 Nasiol SHBC, a two layer super hydrophobic coating released in the market after 3 long years of research.
  • December 2013 To accommodate demand, production capacity is doubled.
  • May 2014 Mineral surface nano coating Nasiol Z and wood nano coating Nasiol W are synthesized by our labs.
  • February 2015 Nasiol is now exported to 35 countries.
  • January 2018Nasiol products are now exported to 122 countries.
  • September 2019  The number of countries where Nasiol exported its products is well over 140 nations.
  • September 2020  In various markets globally, Nasiol has made reseller partnership agreements with 11 businesses and assigned distributorships in 8 countries.

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